Antimatter Obeys The Same Law Of Attraction As Matter

This is another slap on the face of those who are obsessed with proving the autonomy of the world. One more plausible answer was proven false as to why antimatter is almost nowhere to be found in the universe and has not survived after the Big Bang. The virtual reality hypothesis is gaining ground.

See this article in Forbes for more details. The problem with modern physics is that its models describe the phenomena but fail a reality check at the level of fundamental assumptions. Where is the antimatter that was created in equal quantities with matter after the Big Bang? One possible explanation was that the attractive  force between antimatter particles was different than that of matter and that is why it disappeared shortly after the Big Bang. But analysis of data collected by the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider’s (RHIC) STAR detector shows that is not the case.

Is it possible that our reality is virtual? In a virtual reality, physical laws are also virtual and thus matter can exist virtually without antimatter, although models based on the initial existence of both end up generating the right predictions about the phenomena.

Actually, antimatter may be the staff out of which this virtual reality was constructed.

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