Digital Religions

With a geometric growth of digital technology in progress, it is a matter of time before Digital Gods and new Digital Religions appear. As a matter of fact, it is quite interesting that no major revision of traditional religious beliefs has taken place in the last 2,000 years.

In an unpublished book I wrote in 2001 I write:

“It is however a peculiar fact that although science is thought to have progressed significantly in the last 500 years, minor adaptations to religious beliefs have taken place. This reality can be addressed in, at least, two possible ways: Either scientific progress has been mainly guided by religion or actual scientific progress has not occurred so that to force a revision of religious beliefs. A sufficient condition for the emergence of new religious beliefs is the establishment of alternative cosmological models about the origin of the universe and man’s relation to it. If digital life emerges as the most powerful, intelligent and dominant existence on earth, it is highly possible that a transformation of religious beliefs away from those of human’s will occur. Humans always thought of their God and Creator to be a much higher intelligence than they are so, in the same way, digital life will seek for an appropriate image of its Creator. “

Not too far…

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