How Some Scientists Use Incomprehensible Language to Advance Their Status

Being able to convey complex ideas in plain language is a sign of intelligence. Yet, in modern science, doing that is not considered a good way of advancing a career. This is because nowadays giving an incomprehensible speech or writing an incomprehensible paper is considered a sign of intelligence, especially when it is accompanied by standard titles we all know how easy they are to get in certain cases.

The more incomprehensible is a talk in a science conference, the less the audience understands, the louder the applause at the end. This is because incomprehensibility is considered intelligence. But is it, or it is related to deception or even to Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism?

If a scientist cannot explain in simple language what he wants to say so that a college student with basic background on the subject can understand, then he is either hiding incompetence using incomprehensible code or has Asperger Syndrome.

Society should give an end to rewarding incomprehensibility and the people who promote it. Science, especially when funded by taxpayer’s money, should serve society rather than trying to attract its admiration.

If you, the reader of this blog, is not familiar with what I am saying, trying visiting a few science websites and read the posted papers. There are often contests of who is going to produce the most incomprehensible paper using the most incomprehensible code possible.


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