Material Horizon

There is a possibility that our physical reality is virtual in the sense that it was created already in the form of a simulation or it is a manifestation of an interaction with another level of reality or mechanism. If this is the case, then there may be only a limited material horizon and any extensions of it are created on demand.

Although reality and a virtual reality in the sense of a functional universe are related by an equivalence principle, there are certain alternatives about the nature of the latter:

  1. A computer simulation (Nick Bostrom)
  2. A holographic universe (Gerald ‘t Hooft)
  3. A functional virtual reality (E. Harokopos)

In all cases, it is possible that there is only a material horizon for any observer: a human or a mechanical sensor. This horizon is extended on demand. This imposes information processing burden on the simulation or mechanism that creates the physical reality, whether that is part of it or part of another level of reality.

It is also possible that the universe exists as information received by local detectors and materially exists only in that virtual form. However, if the horizon is extended there is demand for creation of more material. Note that in this sense “material” means a virtual reality  subject to certain physical laws. Possibly, as the demand increases there is a high burden imposed on the mechanism.

If the mechanism has limitations, then non-local demand for extension of the material horizon could present a problem and cause certain instabilities due to loss of information. This may become a serious issue in the case of massive demand for extension of the material horizon as in deep space travel.

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