The Greatest Threat To Humanity

The greatest threat to humanity is not natural disasters, epidemics or wars. It is the possibility that the wrong people will discover how our virtual reality operates before the right people do.

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Detection of Gravitational Waves and The Abduction of Black Holes

Everyone knows by now about the LIGO announcement regarding the detection of gravitational waves. However, some things must be clarified about the relation of the detection to claims of a test of the theory of general relativity and about the way the media has presented this to the general public.

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Antimatter Obeys The Same Law Of Attraction As Matter

This is another slap on the face of those who are obsessed with proving the autonomy of the world. One more plausible answer was proven false as to why antimatter is almost nowhere to be found in the universe and has not survived after the Big Bang. The virtual reality hypothesis is gaining ground.

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Creationism is a Scientific Alternative

Creationism should be taught in schools as a scientific alternative to modern evolution theory based on natural selection. Creationism can fit within the context of a falsifiable scientific theory. Its introduction in the educational curriculum is necessary to provide a fair balance of values.

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On the Metaphysics of Greek Debt

There is a new government in Greece that is trying to negotiate a reduction of Greek debt. This effort by the leftist government is based on the realization that the Greek debt is not sustainable. In this blog I examine some of the causes of Greek debt. If the causes of the debt are not removed, the same problems will emerge in the future, even after reduction.

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On Falsifiability

Should scientific theories be falsifiable? Many insist that they must be. Others argue that theories are useful even when they are not falsifiable.  In a recent blog, Noah Smith argues that if theories make no claims about the physical world, then it should not matter.

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Self-Driving Cars and Related Attempts to Alter the State of Reality

The concept of a self-driving car reminds me of the concept of a space elevator: easy to think, impossible to realize. Despite that, both concepts have enjoyed huge publicity. The reasons for that are both simple and complex. But above all, the ultimate reason for such concepts is a whole new generation of engineers with an education founded on simulation. In simulation, everything is possible, including anti-gravity.

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