Flat Earth

There is a growing number of people that believe the Earth is flat. As inequality, poverty and misery increase in the world due to failed economic policies and impact of technological innovation, more people are compelled to question science and accepted paradigms as a way of revolt.

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Creationism is a Scientific Alternative

Creationism should be taught in schools as a scientific alternative to modern evolution theory based on natural selection. Creationism can fit within the context of a falsifiable scientific theory. Its introduction in the educational curriculum is necessary to provide a fair balance of values.

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Is Our World a Simulation or Even an Interactive Computer Game?

If we are living in a computer simulation, as Nick Bostrom has argued is a possibility, maybe this is not just an ancestor simulation but an interactive computer game. In this game, some of its creators, or participants, assume various roles, such as country leaders or scientists who make remarkable discoveries, and some even cause conflict and wars. Maybe the main objective is entertainment or it may be something else we do not understand and in this context some fundamental questions arise.

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Ingo Brigandt’s Straw Man Arguments Against Intelligent Design

While I am agnostic about of the bold intelligent design hypothesis, I believe that using straw man arguments and being fanatical is not just a non-scientific way of opposing it but instead reinforces it in the minds of laymen because such efforts often demonstrate insecurity about the fate of evolution theory.

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